How we help businesses chart a smooth course to reaching Net Zero:

1. Goal Setting

Decarbonizing your business will take time, capital, and resources. Setting the right goals to match your capabilities is critical.

2. Master Decarbonization Plan

Most organizations struggle to meet their clean energy plans, but a good plan significantly increases the likelihood of success.

3. Business Case and Financial Models

We help create the models to ensure that the costs and rationale for each decision are captured.

4. Incentives

We can help strategize which incentives are worth pursuing from IRA tax incentives, to utility incentives as well as other programs.

5. Electrification Decisions

With gas less than 1/3rd the cost of electricity, how and when to electrify will have an impact on your business. We can help optimize those choices.

6. Technology Assessment

Whether you need a new building, paint booth, or dock door, there’s a carbon impact to that decision. We help embed a strategy into the organization and support it with technical assistance.

7. Clean Energy Purchases

We will help you choose the right strategy for clean energy purchases between onsite renewables, RECs, VPPAs, RNG, and more.

8. Project Management and Execution Support

We help keep the plan on course with as much execution support as needed.